Gold Mine Lodge

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The Gold Mine Lodge is a unique place, in every sense of the word – Unique in its modern stylings with two-story plate glass windows from which a ridiculously sized taxidermy moose head peers, unique in its self-billing as both wilderness outfitter and hunting lodge and incomparable bed & breakfast, and unique in that it’s the only rooftop breaking the lonely Colorado skyline for many miles around. It’s also built on top of, as the name might suggest, an abandoned gold mine left from the days of the Rush. Nothing’s there, of course, except ghosts and stories, but a little character goes a long way in rural Colorado.

The common room of the Gold Mine boasts a fifteen foot solid mahogany bar, polished to a mirrored surface, across which Jack serves a variety of local game, house made specialties, and the (locally) famous Gold Mine Brews – Nothing fancy, mind you, but a definite cut above whatever else you might find in town. A massive open fireplace stands in the center of the room, backed by thirty feet of glass, likening itself to sheets of ice as the Colorado snows blow outside. The remainder of the lodge is fashioned from enormous timbers of Butterscotch Pine, offering a combination of suites and rooms accommodating as many as twenty guests at once, in addition Sam’s and Jack’s separate, private quarters.

Just off the common room, and not quite so grand, is the “business end” of the Lodge, the Trading Post. Not everything in it is for sale. In fact, most of it isn’t. All of the gear and necessities for the business of provisioning the adventure tours is there, along with, of course, a modest shop with a small selection of just about everything a hunter, fisherman, or other outdoorsman might need – with the exception of firearms or ammunition. You’ll have to go into town for that.

Just outside the Trading Post, down the wooden stair and to the left a bit, you’ll find the affectionately named “Stables.” There are horses, certainly, Sam’s own Morgan, Gelassenheit (most folks, including Sam, just call her “Glassy”), Jack’s Rocky Mountain Mare Stormy, and a small herd of Appaloosas and Quarter Horses for the guests – Kismet, Sandy, Bertha, Melody, Jaxom, Lulabelle and old Firefly. What interests most folks, though, are the ATVs. Horses are so.. quaint. Truth is, though, any time someone asks about the ATVs, Jack almost always manages to talk them into something else. There’s a difference between adventure and recklessness, he says. The Stables is also where the kayaks and rafts are stowed, and where the SUVs are parked. The Stables alone are bigger than the houses of most people in Mahogany Falls.

Gold Mine Lodge

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